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About Ted Andrews

Generally being loathe to blow his own trumpet, Ted is going to let his old friend Bob Hayes, Assistant Editor (sport) on The Sun do it for him…

"Ted has been drawing admiration for as long as he has been drawing illustrations. A devoted angler, his first published work was an angling cartoon for the top UK fishing newspaper Angling Times. His talent was noticed straightaway and what was to follow was the worst news any angler could have… a flood of commissions from newspapers, magazines and publishing companies!

His credits are too numerous to mention, but they include the News Of The World, Shooting Times, Sporting Shooter and Waterlog. He has drawn funny cartoons for The Sun, created intricate illustrations to accompany breaking news stories, and illustrated a wide range of book publishers. His recent work includes illustrations for acclaimed authors including Fred J Taylor MBE and Fred Buller.

Oh, and there is also his own book – Basic Fly Tying In Pictures - which he both wrote and illustrated. It drew wonderful reviews and was in print for more than a decade.

Nowadays, Ted's drawing work includes personal cartoons for special occasions, calendar work and promotional material for small businesses and large corporates. His strength is not just his versatility as an illustrator. Unlike most experts, Ted is more than happy to listen to what his clients want. So, if it's great artwork and a helpful attitude you need, Ted's your man!"

Bob Hayes, The Sun, September 2008